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What is Ecommerce?
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Electronic Commerce ecommerce Definition Investopedia.
When you purchase a good or service online you are participating in ecommerce. Some advantages of ecommerce for consumers are. Ecommerce can take place 24 hours a day seven days a week. Many stores offer a wider array of products online than they do in their brick-and-mortar counterparts. And stores that exist only online may offer consumers a selection of goods that they otherwise could not access. But ecommerce also has its disadvantages for consumers. If you want to buy a computer and youre shopping online there is no employee you can talk to about which computer would best meet your needs.
E-commerce Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.
In 2013 Brazil's eCommerce was growing quickly with retail eCommerce sales expected to grow at a healthy double-digit pace through 2014. By 2016 eMarketer expected retail ecommerce sales in Brazil to reach 17.3 billion. 50 By 2017 it is predicted that e-commerce will account for 15% of the British economy. 51 India has an internet user base of about 243.2 million as of January 2014.
What is e-commerce electronic commerce or EC? Definition from
E-commerce or electronic commerce is the transmission of funds or data through the iInternet to facilitate the purchase and sales of goods and services.

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